All grown up, graduated college, first job, a place of their own.  Are they ready for the real world?  A resounding YES would be my answer!  We are seeing more and more of this age group ready to buy their first new car or to upgrade from their current vehicle.  They seem to do twice the research most of their parents do.  They ask advice from colleagues.  They don't want to negotiate.  They read blogs.  They pursue a good deal to start with to avoid negotiations.  Once they arrive at the dealership If the vehicle meets their criteria and standards they want to leave with it and drive home.  Kind of a "no bull" crowd. 

This is great news for our organization!  An educated buyer is the easiest customer we can ask for!  They often know as much about the car as we do, technically.  They have checked prices, reliability, carfax and insurance cost prior to leaving the house!   Everything stated above pretty much applies to this smart shopper Jaclyn.  Her family has worked with us for years buying and selling cars for them.  However that was no given that she was going to do business with us.  Being an independent young lady she tested the waters at the local Toyota dealer and then called on us!  When she left The Auto Finders she was driving home in this Gorgeous 2015 Corolla "S" model.  Thanks Jaclyn... we know you have lots of choices and we appreciate you choosing us!  

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