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  • Michael Darrow
    (919) 957-1159

    I have always had a passion for cars especially Muscle Cars.  My interest goes back to when I was 16 and bought my first car, a Pontiac Firebird for $900.  Working with customers that need help, education and assistance thru the buying process is what I find the most rewarding.  When not at work I enjoy family, snow skiing, hiking, swimming and yard work.  I found my way into the Automobile industry via banking. I never thought I would sell cars for a living...but now I can't imagine working in any other industry!

  • Bill Hooten
    919 957-0156

    I have known Michael for over 15 years.  What I like most about working for The Auto Finders is the owners and fellow employees. Everyone is very easy going.  My focus here is to find and buy quality inventory.  Get the vehicles thru service and ready for our customers.  When I am not working I like to spend my time with my wife, golfing and relaxing.  I came into this industry back in 1978.  I started my career with a new car store and worked there for several years.  I went into wholesaling, from there I ran my own pre owned store for 20 years in Raleigh. Over the course of my career in this industry I have pretty much have done it all!

  • John Sale

  • Carol Darrow
    Office Manager/ Controller
    (919) 957-0156

    I have worked with The Auto Finders for 20 years.  What i love most about working here is that  we are Family owned and it really is a family atmosphere.  Working with customers and seeing their smiles and satisfaction when they take delivery is a huge reward for me!

    When not at work I like spending time with family.  Lake trips, boating, the beach are some of my favorites!  I came to the auto industry part time helping Michael build this business.  Slowly it emerged into a full time management position. 

  • Patrick Darrow
    Finance Manager
    (919) 957-0156

    My position here at The Auto Finders is Finance Manager.  I have worked here full time for 2 years.  During college and high school I worked here part time washing cars, posting pictures for the web site, landscaping.  What I like most about working here is that I'm working with family.  I get to meet all different types of people form all different walks of life.  Helping folks thru the finance process and educating them to the different options or finding solutions is really satisfying.  When I am not at work I like hanging with family, watching sports, playing with my puppy and spending time with my new wife!  

  • Scott Horner
    (919) 957-0156

    I'm in Sales with The Auto Finders and have worked here for a little over 8 years.  What I like most about working here is the manner in which we sell cars and treat people.  Its' not a "do anything it takes to sell a car" kind of place.  We have a huge repeat business and working with folks, getting to know them and becoming friends is the most satisfying thing!  When not at work I like hanging out with my family, we love Disney, playing with our new dog, running and working out! What brought me to The Auto Finders is...I was a customer a few times over and asked Michael if I could come to work for him?  

  • Leon Johnson
    (919) 957-0156

    I am the detailer here at The Auto Finders.  I have been working here for 2 years.  I am in charge of getting cars ready for retail.  Most cars don't need much...a good wash, wax and shampoo.  But some trades come in pretty dirty and it takes time to get them to look new again. What I like most about my job is the people I work with and I love that I can make people happy with clean cars.  When I am not at work I like to work on my own cars and spend time with my grand children.  I got into the auto Industry because it is steady work and I'm really good at what I do.  I like seeing what I have done, from dirty to clean!  

  • Steve Lancaster
    (919) 957-0156

    I am the weekend detailer.  Keeping the inventory clean and fresh is my job.  I have been working with The Auto Finders for 21 years.  I met Michael at an auction and realized he was a lot different than most of the other dealers, hard working and honest, so I asked him for a job.

    What I like most about working here is the family I work with.  I also like seeing the results of my efforts.  I can stand back and see how nice the inventory looks after a day of work and that makes me smile! When not at work I like to attend car shows, car clinics, visiting with my mom, keeping my home looking sharp!  I came into the Auto Industry because I have always had a interest in cars.  Especially older cars...My favorite car is the 1980s Ford Fiesta's.     

Just a few of the many non profits The Auto Finders and staff donate their time, talent and treasure to:

Durham Rescue Mission
Wheels for Hope
The Exchange Family Center 
Samaritans Purse
The Exchange Club of Durham
Knights of Columbus
Special Olympics
Migrant Ministries
Catholic Charities
Diaper Bank of NC
Housing for New Hope
Inter Faith Food Shuttle