Why use your entire tax refund on a down payment for another unreliable car, when you don't have to? This time of the year many dealerships are jacking their prices way up and counting on YOUR tax refund to make it work. Here at The Auto Finders you can expect to find the same great deals all year long. That means Getting into your new car without blowing your tax check. We've always been a little different compared to all the other dealerships, especially with our Buy Here Pay Here Program. Aren't you tired of the same old raggedy cars most Buy here pay here lots have to offer? Here at The Auto Finders, most of our cars are late model, low mileage, reliable cars that still come with Warranty. A real warranty that will actually cover what it says it will. From Cadillac and Mercedes Benz, to Honda and Toyota, we have it... clean, Fully serviced, Inspected, under warranty, and a full tank of gas... Waiting for you! Oh and FREE car Washes for LIFE! 
Where else can you find a deal like that?!

So What Are You Waiting for? Call us and come on by today before your new car gets sold
The Auto Finders provides a great selection of Buy here pay here cars for sale. At The Auto Finders we have over 40 banks and lenders to help you get financed on your new car. One of those options is our buy here pay here, or in house financing. We will set you up with an easy affordable payment that you'll be able to pay off quickly. Whether you have been turned down for bad credit, no, credit, short job time, past repos, or what ever the reason out buy here pay here option may be just the thing to get you moving back in the right direction. 

 Please take a moment to investigate these current highlighted models, hand-picked from our ever-changing inventories!