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After the 2008 Election many consumers were hit with the loss of job and/or hours at work.  Foreclosures by the thousands, nest eggs were devastated and most consumers took a hit to their credit score.    Some have ignored their score  not needing credit, some have repaired theirs and others feel a lack of hope and continue to let the credit files diminish. 

We see this every day of the week and there is hope.  What to do...pull your credit free of charge at credit karma.  Look over your score and accounts very carefully for accuracy.  Many times you can find accounts on the report that are not yours or reported incorrectly.  If you find discrepancies the first step is to contact the vendor and see if they can make the necessary corrections to the account.  If the vendor is unwilling to make the necessary changes then make contact with the credit reporting agency (Equifax, Transunion or Experian).  You will want to "dispute the account".  This gives the agency the opportunity to make contact with the vendor and get the necessary correction made to your account. 

If you have a couple, few or more accounts that are past due or already charged off...find the smallest and make contact with that vendor.  Many times these are doctors offices and will take a partial payment to close the account and it then becomes a paid off collection.  Better than an open collection that will continue to follow you for 7 years.  If they will negotiate with you, get it in writing and never give them access to your credit card or checking account as most will attempt to tap the account for the whole amount owed not what has been negotiated.  Send them a money order for the amount negotiated, by registered mail.  Keep the receipts and the letter in a safe place until the correction has been made to your file.  Remember if they have already choose to write it off then they don't expect anything from you.  Negotiate as well as you can with them...remember most vendors will negotiate.  Next Step...move on to the next smallest collection account and follow the same procedures.  Keep moving up the ladder to the bigger accounts and clean them up one at a time. 

As you knock out these past due or charged off accounts you will slowly start to see your credit score improve.  It doesn't happen overnight but down the road the improvements will be very noticeable.  Don't get discouraged just keep pounding! 

What not to do...don't pay your hard earned money to a credit repair company  unless they are a non profit organization.  You will pay them hundreds of dollars to do what you can simply do yourself as outlined above.  Some of these repair companies are far less than reputable and utilize questionable and some times illegal methods to give you a very short term, short lived bump in your score. 

Repairing your own credit is like anything else in takes work and effort.  unfortunately like a diet it doesn't happen overnight.  But doing it yourself will give you a great sense of power over your credit.  It will also enable you to make great buying decisions based on "do I want this" or "can I afford this"?  Best of luck to on us with any questions and we will be happy to help!  919 957-0156