2016 Cadillac XTS Walk Around

Topped by a softly arched roofline, set above smooth, uncluttered bodysides, the XTS comes across as an expertly crafted mixture of sharp angles, creases, and curves. The end result is a clean-looking profile, integrating just enough subtle verve to give the XTS a distinctive, clearly Cadillac appearance. In fact, today’s XTS is a contemporary rendition of the Art & Science design theme devised more than a decade ago. Grilles have been revised for 2016.


Overall and in their individual elements, the instrument panel and trim within the Cadillac XTS show off the latest interior trends from General Motors. At the same time, the XTS interior differs from that of any other GM vehicle. Smoothly contoured and somewhat soft in detailing, the swooping dashboard is highlighted by neatly beveled metallic trim elements.

Materials are high in quality, including wood trim, numerous soft-touch surfaces, and leather-wrapped instrument panels. Fit and finish rank as excellent, demonstrating subtle luxury.

Space is ample for four adults; or for five, if one is a little smaller. Occupants sit a bit higher than in other big luxury sedans, which translates to excellent all-around visibility. On the down side, front-seat support trails some competitors. In back, however, passenger space is considerably greater.

With gouged-out portions of the rear headliner delivering increased headroom, six-footers and beyond won’t be disappointed. Though the seats are not similarly contoured, the center rear position is better than in many cars.

Active noise cancellation helps keep the cockpit quiet. Unfortunately, the CUE setup remains troublesome, sometimes jumping around during crucial steps while using navigation. However, screen scrolling is smooth and problem-free. Live-traffic features operate flawlessly.

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