2016 Chevrolet Corvette Walk Around

The latest Corvette has a supercar look, and it looks fast standing still. It’s got a long and low hood and swept windshield. As a theme, it flaunts sharp lines and crisp angles, an array of creases and vents, planes that intersect and warp. It’s as striking for the times as was the original split-window Stingray in 1963. And the Z06 has even wider fenders and an array of aerodynamic add-ons. Some observers don’t love the European styling and the Camaro rear end.


The cabin is surprisingly luxurious, even the Z06 with its performance theme. Premium or soft-touch materials, available in deep colors, fully wrap the interior. Napa leather and other upgrade interior materials are available.

There’s either a standard GT seat or Competition Sport seat with more bolstering. The GT seats are supportive, comfortable despite the low-slung cabin, and good for long periods behind the wheel. The Competition Sport seats are designed for smaller guys, so we suggest trying them on before buying.

The instrument panel is simple and focused on the driver, making it clear that the Stingray is about performance. The center stack has a carbon-fiber surround that looks like it came from a six-figure supercar.

Leg and head room are good for six-footers, and there’s lots of room for personal bags under the rear hatch or in the convertible’s trunk. The soft convertible top with raise and lower at 30 mph, so if you’re caught in a sudden thunderstorm in a traffic jam, you’re covered. The top is tight and affords good rearward visibility.

Chevrolet’s MyLink infotainment system in the Corvette is on par with that in European and Japanese super sports cars. The available Performance Data Recorder logs audio and video including while the car is being valet parked; but mostly it makes available a data overlay of key performance parameters.

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