2016 Chevrolet Cruze Walk Around

The all-new 2016 Cruze looks sleeker than pre-2016 versions. Cruze looks like it could be a sedan version of the Volt hatchback electric car, though it is not. A Volt is a third more expensive, so this gives the Cruze an upscale boost in appearance.

The sleek appearance of the Cruze goes deeper than cosmetics: The 2016 Cruze boasts a low, 0.29 coefficient of drag, which allows it to slip more easily through the air for lower fuel economy.

The split upper and lower grilles share their design with that of the Volt as well as the Impala full-size and Malibu midsize sedans. Upper trim levels are distinguished with more bright trim, and LED taillights and headlights are used.


The cabin is attractively designed, with a premium appearance. Upper trim levels are elegant, with handsome two-tone leather in the Cruze Premier. A large touchscreen occupies the top of the center stack, with seven-inch standard, eight-inch optional.

Controls are straightforward and easy to operate, adding to the easy, breezy feel of the Cruze. The seats are comfortable. Cruze Premier RS models offer more substantial seat bolsters.

The back seats two adults, who will find more space for their knees than what’s found in the dated Focus or the new Elantra.

Using Apple CarPlay or Android Auto, occupants can run their apps on the Cruze’s seven- or eight-inch touchscreen.

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