2016 Chevrolet Tahoe Driving Impressions

With that husky V8 under the hood, the Tahoe promises strength. Behind the wheel, it feels powerful around town, as well as on the highway. Better yet, the engine teams capably with GM’s smooth, easy-shifting automatic transmission, yielding practically seamless acceleration.

Yet, it’s an impressively efficient SUV, easier and more satisfying to drive than in the past. That old trucklike sensation is gone, engineered out of the equation. Despite a leaf-spring rear suspension, the Tahoe rides reasonably comfortably and doesn’t feel nearly as ponderous as full-size SUVs of the past.

Towing capacity is rated to 8,600 pounds, when appropriately equipped.

Electric power steering yields a light feel, belying this SUV’s heft. Because of the Tahoe’s basic shape, however, body lean is inevitable and agile handling is not a strong point. A standard rearview camera eases backup maneuvers.

With four-wheel drive, a Tahoe performs capably off-road. We recommend getting the four-wheel drive.

Tahoe LTZ features GM’s Magnetic Ride Control, yielding impressive comfort even when the road gets twisty. Analyzing conditions every 5 seconds, the system automatically matches damper firmness to the road surface.

Undeniably a heavyweight at close to 5,500 pounds, the Tahoe is no miser at the gas pump, even with cylinder deactivation. The Environmental Protection Agency (EPA) estimates fuel economy at 16/23 mpg City/Highway with two-wheel drive. Four-wheel drive models drop slightly to 16/22 mpg. Either way, the EPA Combined figure is 18 mpg.

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