2016 Ford Escape Walk Around

Compared to rivals, the Escape occupies a small footprint. Several inches shorter than a Honda CR-V, its wheelbase is nearly three inches longer.

Essentially based on the Ford Focus, the Escape shows certain influences from that model, notably in hatchback form. More than most compact crossovers, the swoopy Escape maintains a determined, almost aggressive, stance. A quick look immediately suggests its nimble handling talents.

Up front, the small slot-like grille looks to be an odd-on, more than an integral design element. The top Titanium model gets a little more visual distinction with silver roof rails, radiator shutters, and 18-inch machined aluminum wheels.


Inside, an Escape feels about the same size as a Mazda CX-5 or Hyundai Tucson, but smaller than Toyota’s RAV4. Exterior sportiness carries over to the nearly cockpit-like interior. The instrument panel holds a relatively complicated group of controls.

Interior appointments rank among the best in class. Passenger space is generous, but the wraparound dashboard style cuts into knee and leg room. The open feel that marked early Escapes is gone. Thick roof pillars affect visibility, too.

Front seats are slim and somewhat firm. Because of limited width, there’s just enough space for two adults in the rear seat. Cargo space is plentiful, due to the flat cargo floor.

Folding the rear seatback is a simple, single-motion process, causing the headrests to flip down as well. A clever power option opens the back hatch by simply swinging your foot under the rear bumper.

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