2016 Ford Taurus Walk Around

Taurus carries on with a low profile, sleek roofline, and crisp lines throughout the body. Wheelbase is long and the car is wide, with substantial overhangs at each end, totaling 203 inches in overall length. Those abundant dimensions actually strengthen its low and powerful look.

Strong rear flanks and sculpted character lines and add some interest to the overall design. In short, Taurus remains stylish, but it’s a shape has been around for a long while.

Helping to acquire a distinctive appearance, the Taurus SHO leads with a black mesh grille, substituting for the horizontal bars used on other models. Lower front body moldings include a substantial air dam.


Despite its mainstream history, the Taurus interior comes across as near-luxury, at least. Materials quality and finishes, ranging from soft-touch plastics to simulated wood and chrome, produce an upscale aura. Even the base Taurus SE suggests attention to detail.

What Taurus lacks is space. It’s simply not as roomy as expected for a car of its size. The wraparound instrument panel and the wide console create well-defined areas for the driver and front passenger. Because that console occupies a lot of space, the cabin feels smaller than it should.

Three adults fit in the rear, but they might feel claustrophobic. The low roofline restricts headroom, and legroom is skimpier than expected. Outward visibility is limited, too. Thick roof pillars and a relatively high beltline make rear windows surprisingly small, and the turret-like back window doesn’t help.

Getting in and out of the back seat also is challenging, demanding substantial ducking below the low roof. On the plus side, the trunk is huge, offering more than 20 cubic foot of luggage space.

Large front seats are both comfortable and supportive. Optional multi-contour seats are helpful for drivers who differ from average size.

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