2016 Hyundai Accent Walk Around

The Accent is a nice-looking subcompact. The five-door hatchback is especially handsome with its tidier dimensions, but the four-door sedan is attractive as well.

The 2015 model year brought revised styling. This generation of the Accent was introduced as a 2012 model. The design has stood the test of time well, and it echoes the styling theme of other Hyundai models.


The Accent fits a lot of drivers with its roomy cabin. It’s long on legroom and headroom for driver and front passenger. The seats adjust for height, a nice feature in this class. The steering wheel does not telescope, though it tilts. The Sport versions have the best seats but none of them are comfortable for long trips.

Some of the plastic trim on the doors and center console appear to have been selected primarily for their low cost, but overall the Accent is finished better than expected for an aging subcompact. No sunroof is available.

The back seats are reasonably roomy for the class. They flip down easily for added cargo space. In this regard, the hatch offers the best utility.

Cubby storage is good, with a big glovebox and various bins, including a tray for phones.

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