2016 Nissan Maxima Walk Around

Based upon a concept car, Nissan’s Maxima trades its formerly tame shape for flamboyant style. With its boomerang-shaped headlights and trapezoidal grille, set within angular elements, the 2016 Maxima looks more like an SUV up front than a sports sedan. Following an angular geometric theme, the body is highlighted by sculpted lines at front and rear fenders, helping to achieve a muscular look. Some have declared that this four-door appears virtually prepared to pounce.

The 2016 Maxima looks most shapely, even svelte, when viewed from a corner. In profile, the body appears more bulky, less athletic, even a tad stubby. Already somewhat high, the sill line is raised even more at the rear door, mating with the downward slope of the fastback-profile roofline. A- and B-pillars are blacked-out, and the roof almost looks as if it’s floating.

Dimensions are nearly identical to those of the Altima, on the same wheelbase but 1.3 inches longer. Altima is taller by 1.6 inches. Despite that similarity, the 2016 Nissan Maxima forcibly attracts the eye with an exuberant new look, barely tied to that of its less-costly stablemate.


Inside, the cockpit-styled Maxima dashboard aims controls toward the driver, who faces a flat-bottomed steering wheel. Supportive front sport seats contain more bolstering than Altima’s. Getting into the back isn’t a problem, and outer seats promise sufficient head/leg room for six-footers. Headroom and seat support won’t please the center rider, however.

Interior details are in keeping with a sports sedan, including metallic trim across the dashboard. An 8-inch touchscreen is surrounded by easy-to-use controls. In addition to a generous-sized trunk, Maxima contains plenty of storage pockets and bins.

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