2016 Porsche Cayenne Walk Around

The Cayenne was a shock and a hard sell a decade ago, but today it’s a sleek inspiration, with a body that sneaks in some Porsche Cayman curves, such as the long hood, the headlamps and fascia. At the rear there’s a tip of the hat to the sports cars, with a subtle spoiler at the hatch and an aerodynamic flow that remains upright enough to function for an SUV.

Each model has its own wheels and trim details. For example the Turbo has a more aggressive fascia, while the Cayenne S E-Hybrid uses electric green neon for the calipers and badges.


The cockpit is like a coupe, similar to that of the four-door Porsche Panamera, with a sweeping instrument panel, sloping center console, and sculpted vents. Its surfaces are curved and materials upscale. The fit and finish is excellent, the brightwork cheery. The seats supportive and comfortable. The clock is analog.

We like the genuine switchgear on the center console. It’s much nicer than searching through menus on a touchscreen.

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