2016 Volkswagen CC Walk Around

The front-wheel-drive Volkswagen CC has been favorably compared to sleek rear-wheel-drive vehicles such as the Audi A7 and Mercedes-Benz CLS.

The CC’s coupe-like look partly comes from having no window frames. The roofline is sleek and handsome, with its long arc over the low fast angles of the windshield and rear glass. Details are understated, and upscale touches include LED lighting.


The CC’s visibility suffers from the stylish design of its raked windshield. The short side windows don’t make looking over your shoulder easier. The fast backlight creates a narrow rear window, so the view in the rearview mirror isn’t much better than in a real coupe with only two doors.

The front seat is somewhat low, yet front headroom is still a bit tight. Same in the rear, for three adult passengers, who will have to duck under the curvy roof to climb in and out.

The interior trim looks and feels like luxury, and the trunk is huge.

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