First of all reviews don't lie!  If you check on a dealership and the reviews are all negative then its going to be a negative your fellow shoppers.  Yeah, some are just complainers and will never be satisfied no matter what but if the majority post negative reviews...

First: Once you arrive to look at the used car you have found online first things first.  Lift the hood and check the oil.  If this dealership has not changed the oil then they have not serviced the car.  They have no clue what type mechanical condition its in no matter what they say.  If its dirty oil close the hood and go find another dealer! 

Second: Check the Carfax.  A small fender bender that has been repaired correctly should not be a huge concern.  What we don't want to invest in is a car that has salvage history, flood history, deployed airbags or had to be towed away from an accident.  Minor or moderate damage well repaired is tolerable.

Third: Ask the dealer to take the car off their lot in order to have a mechanic check it out for you!  If they will not allow this inspection they most likely have something to hide!  This should run no more than $50.  What a cheap price to pay to avoid a car with major issues!

As in every industry there are good and bad operators.  Find a quality used car dealer to work with.  Follow the above 3 steps and your chances of getting home a quality pre owned vehicle are almost 100%  Call on us with questions and we will be happy to help!  919 957-0156    

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